2 Factor Authentication – on mobile and desktop

Monitor critical user journeys that use 2 factor authentication across all your journeys 

Now you can implement synthetic monitoring across your business-critical journeys that use 2FA using thinkTribe 24/7 monitoring to monitor performance for journeys that use 2FA.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is gaining ground as brands look to implement more robust cyber-crime defences, with 2FA increasingly seen as a best-practice approach to enhancing systems and infrastructure security. However, it can cause problems for performance-monitoring tools, forcing businesses to sacrifice commercial insights in the pursuit of greater security. thinkTribe’s cloud-based, fully managed synthetic monitoring service can deliver all the data you need on user journeys that use 2FA.

We can:

  • Gather performance data on applications that use 2FA
  • Monitor business-critical journeys
  • Pre-empt customer-impacting issues before they cause problems
  • Diagnose and report root causes of performance issues
  • Test to make sure we get the 2FA code in a suitable time frame
  • Flags an error and be alerted if the 2FA code does not arrive

What next?

thinkTribe’s synthetic monitoring service provides a customer-centric perspective of your website’s performance. Discover how you can get greater visibility of the performance relating to journeys that use two-factor authentication by contacting our team today.