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Are you ready for the perma-peak?

11th November 2019

Perma Peak

As ecommerce is increasingly driven by customer demand rather than the landmarks of the traditional shopping calendar it’s harder than ever for brands to second-guess peak trading periods.

While key events – like the run-up to Christmas – still follow a predictable pattern for many retailers, random ‘next-generation’ media-, celebrity- and weather-influenced spikes are becoming more significant and require an always-on strategy when it comes to website availability and resilience.

So, how can you ensure your business is prepared to optimise next-gen demand, turning flash trends into unmissable brand-building and revenue-generating opportunities?

Well, you could start by downloading and reviewing thinkTRIBE’s latest consumer report: Preparing for Perma-Peak. Based on an in-depth study into online consumer buying habits – and with the benefit of thinkTRIBE’s expert industry analysis – we think it’s essential reading for anyone looking to optimise their ecommerce operations in line with the latest evidence-based research.

Preparing for Perma-Peak will demonstrate:

  • Why consumers’ habits are changing in the era of digitally transformed retail
  • What prompts browsers to become buyers (and what turns them off!)
  • How brands can delight their customers and sell more stuff

This report could change your approach to business for good – and the best part is you can download it for free.