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Are you testing your A/B testing?

28th May 2020

What is A/B testing?

Put simply, A/B testing is an evidence-based way of comparing two different versions of a web page (or app) to see which one performs better. It’s a sophisticated field experiment: two (or more) variants are randomly displayed to users – the subsequent analysis of impact should determine which page performs optimally against your goals.

It’s a useful technique for analysing the impact of change. Rather than speculating about the user experience (UX) on a new version of your site, an A/B test will provide real data so you can tweak changes and ensure they return overwhelmingly positive results before you release them more widely.

How can user journey monitoring help mitigate risk

At thinkTRIBE we measure the user’s journey each step of the way across your site. Our test experts script Dynamic User Journeys to simulate the paths visitors navigate on your site – whether they are completing a simple task or conducting the most complicated multi-page transactions.

Using Dynamic User Journeys can identify any issues that might be customer impacting when any changes are being made to your site through AB testing. By being able to test in pre-production can ensure performance will meet your end-users requirements.

Improving quality assurance

We’ve recently been collaborating with a major retailer using A/B testing. The project involved reviewing their website in the final stage of QA – during pre-production and immediately before the site went live. We created an A/B test, employing real user journeys to ensure the new changes were fully integrated and delivering a smooth, uninterrupted UX. It enabled the retailer to quickly resolve customer-impacting issues before pushing the site out in its final version.