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Benefits of SV-Monitor’s Video Replayer

25th July 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to witness precisely what your website users experienced when something didn’t work quite how it should? Or perhaps find a way to save time when recreating errors that occur? With thinkTRIBE’s Video Replayer function, part of the innovative synthetic monitoring solution SV-Monitor, the chance to identify areas requiring action is simplified.

For any ecommerce platform, user experience is of paramount importance to the success of an online transaction. Finding out where errors occur or problems during the purchase process arise will help improve the usability and conversion rate of your website, delivering greater numbers of successful transactions, and greater revenue.

SV-Monitor from thinkTRIBE provides you with real, actionable data that highlights which amendments and improvements need to be made. Nowhere is information clearer than through the innovative Video Replayer functionality.

How does Video Replayer help you?

Putting yourself in the position of your website users is never easy, so recreating the user journeys taken, troubleshooting issues and replicating errors mean tech teams are required to invest significant time and resources in identifying where problems arise. With Video Replayer, isolating the precise cause of performance problems is fast and efficient.

Video Replayer records video of user journeys through your website, documenting the entire process from beginning to end and raising an alert in the monitoring panel when errors occur. As such, tech teams are able to watch end user actions leading to an error, noting precisely how the page loaded when the issue occurred.

Access to such data delivers significant benefits to your business and the teams responsible for the efficacy of your website. Not only can you witness the exact issues arising, but being able to evaluate the impact on customer experience will enable you to prioritise where changes that will deliver the greatest rewards can be taken.

What’s more, the opportunity to clearly demonstrate to other departments precisely where problems lie through video represents a great way to remedy issues without speculation raising tensions between teams.

With so many benefits to the Video Replayer functionality, can your business afford to be without it?

How to get Video Replayer

Video Replayer comes as standard when you invest in thinkTRIBE’s innovative synthetic monitoring service, SV-Monitor. However, if you wish to see just how powerful the performance management capabilities are for yourself, get in touch with our friendly team today for a full demonstration. Simply call on 01227 768276, or submit your details below.