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C-Suite Sessions with Styla

24th May 2020

CEO and founder of thinkTRIBE, Deri Jones, has joined forces with Andreas Pouros, CEO and founder of Greenlight Digital to co-chair a forum inviting C-Suite leaders to explore the biggest digital challenges of the day and to share their insights on navigating a rapidly changing business and commercial landscape.

The turning point of each commerce business is the technology it runs on. As consumers’ demands rise and speed being a key performance factor impacting purchase abandonment in online buying journeys – How is technology is driving customer experience?

In our latest episode of the C-Suite Sessions, we are joined by Philipp Rogge, Founder and CEO of Styla.

Styla is a next generation content management technology that enables brands and retailers to create inspirational omni-channel experiences that are seamlessly shoppable.

During this informative C-Suite Session, we discuss:

  • How technology is driving customer experience
  • How to create the best experience for your online customers
  • Power of rich content
  • The need for speed
  • Challenges of managing a growing team