C-Suite Sessions with Linnworks

21st April 2020

Welcome to our C-Suite Sessions!

CEO and founder of thinkTRIBE, Deri Jones, has joined forces with Andreas Pouros, CEO and founder of Greenlight Digital to co-chair a forum inviting C-Suite leaders to explore the biggest digital challenges of the day and to share their insights on navigating a rapidly changing business and commercial landscape.

Consumer expectations are evolving as routes to market diversify and social shopping gains traction. But as browsing and buying becomes easier for the consumer, brands face the significant challenge of connecting previously fragmented operations into a coherent sales and fulfilment process that is fit for purpose.

In this episode, we are joined by the CEO of Linnworks, Callum Campbell. Linnworks is a leading SaaS commerce automation platform that works with brands like Ford, Casio, Belkin and Ten Thousand to help them stay connected to customers wherever they’re shopping.

During this informative C-Suite Session, we’ll discuss:

  • Optimising businesses in the working-from-home era
  • Post-Covid business trends
  • The Brexit effect
  • The rise of the ‘effortless economy’
  • The growth of the marketplace model