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Tesco ensure optimum mobile performance with iPhone app monitor

Tesco is using thinkTRIBE’s new iPhone Application Monitor to ensure the best performance for its customers from its latest iPhone grocery app and shopping portal. Matthew Briggs, Service Manager at Tesco.com says,

“Our customers are using our new iPhone app to check and amend their orders. In just a few weeks it has become a valuable addition to our business and the customer’s shopping experience.”


thinkTRIBE has developed for Mobile Monitoring a flexible application that can provide exactly the information Tesco needs to be sure they are not losing sales through the mobile channel. The technology builds on the existing flexible Application Synchronicity platform that underpins thinkTRIBE monitoring of its unique Dynamic User Journey.

By measuring Tesco’s customer experience of the performance, availability and consistency of journeys across their websites, thinkTRIBE can ensure that any system errors are identified and Tesco can rectify them before the customer experience is directly impacted.

“thinkTRIBE responded quickly to the iPhone app launch and developed the new mobile service to replicate and monitor how the iPhone app performs for our customers. We can test the multiple journeys that customers take through the grocery site to ensure it is working effectively for them. An alert is sent if any aspect of the app or website is not working,” adds Matthew.

In addition to the iPhone monitoring services, thinkTRIBE dynamic user approach is used across Tesco’s main grocery website, Tesco Direct, wine sites, entertainment and clothing sites, the Republic of Ireland site, Telecoms, Tesco Compare, Travel, Books as well as the Baby & Toddler Club.


Matt concludes, “It is important that all of our websites deliver an excellent customer experience. Our IT operations centre monitors over 40 user journeys across the websites and these are tested every few minutes. So with thinkTRIBE we have full confidence that if any site has a fault, we will know about it and can react immediately.”

“thinkTRIBE is our first port of call when we release a new deployment or introduce a new app; we rely on them to ensure everything is working correctly for our customers.”

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