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Creating customer value

The primary aim of any online business is to create value in the eyes of your customers, which means leveraging all the user touchpoints your site offers, including the search function, review options and product comparison features, for instance.

The flip side to this approach is that it can affect performance. Simply put, the more content you enable, the more dynamic and complex your website is likely to be – often incorporating multiple third-party components that have to operate seamlessly across a variety of platforms – increasing the risk of CX errors?

In order to support front end customer experience, it’s vital that technical teams can discover the technical root causes of issues flagged up by users, partners or other areas of the business.

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Gain insight into online customer experience issues

We browse like a customer would, dynamically choosing pages - giving you continuous insight, all day every day

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Enable speedy identification

Get straight to the crucial performance issues impacting your customers

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Custom reports and data

Giving insights into customer pain points online and route causes

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Share data across the business

Share data across the business in a common language

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See what the customer sees

See what the customer saw when an error occurred with video replay of errors

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Third party performance

Ability to monitor performance of third party services

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Save time and resource with an extension to your technical team

We provide user experience insight as if you were sitting on the shoulders, standing in the trolley or, with the session replay function, viewing the actual screen of the customer

  • thinkTribe script and maintain journeys.
  • Live management of user journeys by a dedicated team of experts.
  • thinkTribe verify issues and help diagnose root causes.
  • Cloud-based service with no software to install and no associated disruption to your staff or systems.
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Performance data which you can trust & share

Tribe’s uniquely customer-focused approach ensures the most realistic, accurate and comprehensive data on which to base decisions on.

  • Relax in the knowledge that you won’t miss a single issue impacting your customers.
  • Make new feature versus decisions based on hard evidence.
  • Share customer-centric data that’s easily understood across the business.

The complexities of today’s website demand a more realistic approach to monitoring read our free eBook to find out how to move on from a traditional approach to implement a more realistic monitoring programme.

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Together for better digital journeys

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“As the Load Test Manager was assigned and retained for all tests, this ensured familiarity with and experience in, our platforms and code. This combined with the out of hours accommodation for our testing periods made the thinkTribe approach stand out.”

Andy Dean Thomas Cook

“In our comparative tests of leading providers of monitoring services that we did then (and have run since) the consensus across various key users here involved in the product testing was that thinkTribe provided much better quality of data, much closer to a real users experience due to the dynamic journeys – and much richer technical drill down information for trouble shooting. This was proven in the last weeks of the evaluation, when thinkTribe identified sporadic errors that were impacting a percentage of users, which our existing supplier had failed to spot. We’re very much engineering and quality driven here – we don’t invest in products or services unless they will really help the business and provide ongoing quality.”


“We were impressed by how quickly thinkTribe grasped the technology and infrastructure of our website and put together the test scripts. Their User Journey approach tested typical routes that our end users would take to purchase online. This enabled us to replicate a rare user experience problem, and provided us with hard evidence which helped to pinpoint the cause of the problem, and to later confirm it had been fixed.”

National Savings & Investments plc

“Tribes web site load testing service allowed us to identify and understand potential capacity constraints for our technical team to remedy, both on existing products and new products prior to launch. At uSwitch we feel that one of the key ways to protect our future revenue and to maximise return on our marketing investment, is to understand the full scalability of our products. It is essential that our website is able to cope with our expected increases in traffic, and it’s the flexibility and power of the dynamic User Journeys that thinkTribe provide, for some complex routes through our site, that really hit the pay dirt.”


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