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Digital Customer Journey Optimisation

Optimise customer experience across the entire digital customer journey, with no software to install and no tech team time required.

Enhance customer interactions and deliver flawless customer experience at every step of your customer journeys

Eliminate CX friction before it impacts your customers' online journeys, with no software to install and no tech team time required.  Reduce CX friction and enhance interaction at every touchpoint.

Our cloud-based customer experience monitoring service acts as real shoppers visiting your site 24/7 and performing the same actions your customers do with real browsers - navigating, searching, choosing product options and adding to basket.​ Our customer-centric approach helps you find more CX issues, faster and prioritise fixes.

Identify and resolve CX friction that would otherwise go un-noticed, at every touchpoint along your online journeys.

Gain insight into online customer experience issues

We browse like a customer would, dynamically choosing pages - giving you continuous insight, all day every day

Enable speedy identification

Get straight to the crucial performance issues impacting your customers

Custom reports and data

Giving insights into customer pain points online and route causes

Share data across the business

Share data across the business in a common language

See what the customer sees

See what the customer saw when an error occurred with video replay of errors

Third party performance

Ability to monitor performance of third party services

Save time and resource with an extension to your technical team

We provide user experience insight as if you were sitting on the shoulders, standing in the trolley or, with the session replay function, viewing the actual screen of the customer.

thinkTribe script and maintain journeys.

Live surveillance of user journeys by a dedicated team of experts.

thinkTribe verify issues and help diagnose root causes.

No software to install and no tech team required.

Customer experience data you can trust & share

Tribe’s uniquely customer-focused approach ensures the most realistic, accurate and comprehensive data on which to base decisions.

  • Relax in the knowledge that you won’t miss a single issue impacting your customers.
  • Make new feature versus decisions based on hard evidence.
  • Share customer-centric data that’s easily understood across the business.

The complexities of today’s website demand a more realistic approach to monitoring read our free eBook to find out how to move on from a traditional approach to implement a more realistic monitoring programme.


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