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Did you know 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load?

08th March 2022

Move over e-commerce; m-commerce is here to stay.

In a post-pandemic world, it is predicted that as much as 80% of online shopping is now done via mobile devices. According to Statista, by 2025, the number of monthly active smartphone users in the United Kingdom is projected to grow steadily and reach 64.89 million owners. This is an increase of almost 9.7 million new users from the 55.22 million users in 2018.

More people than ever have mobile phones, and they are using them in all aspects of their lives, from socialising with friends to banking. We now have the world’s biggest shopping centre in our pockets. Demand is at its highest, but so is the competition. It’s easier than ever to go online and make a purchase, but as a business owner, just how straightforward is it to manage all the demands that booming m-commerce bring?

We might have the world at our fingertips, but our patience is shorter than it has ever been. 53% of mobile users will click the back button on a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. They’ll go elsewhere. They have that convenience. When that dreaded lag in loading hits, customers’ ease of going back and trying a competitor is just one more challenge facing the online business owner.

So what does that mean for your website when the UK doesn’t even break the top ten countries in the world for mobile internet speed?

It means you might not be getting the whole picture when it comes to your customers’ journey. And with multiple mobile providers offering a range of speeds and coverage, it’s not always easy to see just how your site measures up.

thinkTRIBE use real Android and iOS browsers running on genuine mobile platforms to enable speedy identification and resolution of performance issues before they impact your customers. Not only will you get a realistic report based on the same dynamic choices your customers will make, but video replay breaks the process down and allows you to see errors in the way your customers would.

By handing you the power to optimise your m-commerce customer journey, thinkTRIBE can help ensure you won’t run afoul of that 53%.