eCommerce Performance

Keeping user experience and technical responsibility on track

eCommerce Performance

Online retail operations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in response to the high expectations of consumers. With websites more complex than ever before, retailers must carefully manage the user experience(UX) in order to safeguard brand values and optimise revenues.

thinkTRIBE can help you to deliver a reliable round-the-clock UX by managing risk during periods of peak traffic, as well as pinpointing customer-facing performance problems so they can be resolved before they impact your browsers and buyers. Our cloud-based service offers a flexible response and you can rely on our team for advice and guidance every step of the way.

  • Optimise the UX
  • Reduce downtime
  • Plan for peaks

How can thinkTRIBE help?

  • Delivering the best online experience to your customers
  • Prevent any web performance issues
  • Improve the performance and functionality of business-critical web-based systems
  • Deliver actionable user-focussed performance data including impact on the bottom line, ROI,
  • Ensuring release does not affect user experience and site performance.
  • Reduce risks around peak traffic
  • 24/7 visibility of your performance through the customers eyes

We're here to help

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Load and performance testing

Fully understand how your customers’ complex behaviour will impact your site at peak or following new releases, today’s websites require a more realistic and accurate approach to performance testing.

Dynamic User Journey Monitoring

Truly understand your web site performance and which technical issues are most disruptive to an end user it is imperative to test from the customer’s perspective