Ensuring seamless checkout experience for kit launch success

27th March 2024

For any football club, unveiling a new kit marks a significant milestone in the calendar. But amidst the excitement of the launch, how can you ensure that visitors can seamlessly checkout with their coveted new gear?

At thinkTRIBE, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the Premier League’s most prominent clubs, offering uniquely realistic load testing and dedicated client support to ensure flawless customer experience, even during peak times.

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Delivering a fast and error-free checkout experience is vital, especially during high-profile events like kit launches. So, how can you elevate your CX when it matters most? To ensure your site can handle high volumes of traffic and concurrent user transactions, accurate customer experience insights under real-world conditions are essential.

Here are our top three tips to ensure you’ll be ready to handle the influx of eager fans without a hitch.

1) Prioritise preparation with sufficient time

Based on our experience it’s more effective to implement a comprehensive load testing program as part of a planned process in the run up to kit launch. While it may not always be feasible, at the very least aim to conduct load testing prior to code lockdown, allowing enough time to implement, test and fix any issues. It’s important to allow margin for retesting to ensure fixes have worked and evaluate their impact on CX. We recommend testing key journeys at least four weeks ahead of kit launch to evaluate performance of the final system on the live environment. It’s often more costly to make changes at the last minute.

2) Base testing on realistic traffic profiles

For the most accurate results, it’s crucial to base your testing on the most realistic traffic profiles. If you’re working with a load testing provider, they should analyse your web analytics and examine historical marketing data to ensure traffic profiles accurately reflect real-world scenarios.

3) Monitor CX around the clock

Even minor changes to your site can impact customer experience. To prevent abandonment and ensure a seamless checkout process, continuously monitor key checkout journeys before and during the kit launch. Identifying and resolving issues before they impact your customers is key.

If you’re ready to elevate your online customer experience during kit launch find out how thinkTribe can help support your goals. For a more comprehensive guide to maximising online sales at kit launch, download our eBook ‘Preparing your website for kit kaunch success’.

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Louise Arnold