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Eric Darling appointed MD at thinkTRIBE

23rd August 2022

Canterbury-based, the independent Digital Transformation Risk-Reduction CX management, and monitoring services provider, has announced the appointment of Eric Darling as Managing Director. This comes as’s previous CEO and founder, Deri Jones, moves on after 19 years to pursue other advisory and consultancy interests. thinkTribe has been Deri’s 3rd successful start-up over the last 30 years

Deri comments: “The senior Management team at thinkTRIBE have demonstrated over time their impressive ability to manage and grow the business and to delight clients at the same time: and after a significant growth year it is time for me to stand back operationally and let them steer the ship in the next phase of its growth; while I pursue wider digital opportunities that are opening up for me.”

Eric Darling joined thinkTribe last year as Sales Director with a dual brief to transform the sales function along solution-selling lines, and to better integrate the Services Delivery teams into a coordinated customer-centric engine. Significant double-digit growth and the addition of major new brands such as Wella, Brakes, Hachette UK, Pentland Brands many others have been some of the successes so far. Prior to thinkTRIBE, Eric pioneered solution selling through consultancy work with a number of growing tech companies, and Sales Director roles for Enterprise selling organisations for the last 30 years.

“I know we can build on what we have now and in the future and I am excited to lead such an engaged and accomplished company.”

Eric comments: “thinkTRIBE has been an excellent opportunity for me on several levels. Firstly the client base was to die for. As a Sales Director, inheriting 60 blue-chip organisations – 90% of which are UK based with overseas increasing fast – was too good to pass up! This provides us with powerful market credibility and combined with a very low churn rate, and high NPS scores, it was any Sales Director’s dream. Separately, the management team is one of the most effective I have ever worked with, which has made implementing rapid change much easier.

I know we can build on what we have now and in the future and I am excited to lead such an engaged and accomplished company.”

Supporting Eric in his new role as Managing Director will be the existing senior leadership team; Clive Newell as CFO and growth delivery; Julia Crawford HR and People management, Karina Alves, Head of Service Delivery and Mat Seymour, Head of Software Development.