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Events and Ticketing Performance

Online booking and e-Ticketing options have gained ground in recent years as the ease of the virtual booking process lends itself perfectly to the kind of task that’s much more complicated in real life than it is over the internet. But there are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary seller and buyer.

thinkTribe can help your customers enjoy a hassle-free experience, at the same time giving you the best opportunity to capitalise on high-volume sales for the most popular events, without dropping the ball. Round-the-clock monitoring will quickly spot potentially troublesome performance problems, while well-timed load testing ensures you’re match-ready for peak traffic events.

  • Fine-tune the User Experience
  • Tackle third-party performance issues
  • Gear up for peak traffic

How can thinkTribe help?

  • Delivering the best online experience to your customers
  • Find and prevent any web performance issues impacting your user experience
  • Support team on hand to work with you throughout your project
  • Improve the performance and functionality of business critical web-based systems
  • Deliver actionable user-focussed performance data including impact on the bottom line, ROI,
  • User Experience issues, technical responsibility, and affect on brand perception
  • Ensuring release does not affect user experience and site performance.
  • Reduce risks around peak traffic
  • 24/7 visibility of your performance through the customers’ eyes
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thinkTribe has played a key part in helping to inform and guide our development. I really value thinkTribe collaborative style and appreciate their proactive support. They contact me if there are any issues and then help to resolve them. In fact, it’s all been very smooth sailing.

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Now when we launch any new element on the site, we are monitoring its immediate impact on the customer. With thinkTribe User Journey monitoring, we can see instantly if there are any problems and ensure the site remains as easy to use as before.


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