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Can we integrate thinkTRIBE Load Testing into our CICD pipeline?

Integrate Load Testing into our CICD pipeline?

thinkTRIBE has always taken an agile approach to software development as we believe it enables us to respond rapidly to the evolving needs of our clients and to the pace of technological change.

When it comes to load testing, we can help clients adopt a more agile, continuous development methodology to optimise results, saving time, money and reputation in the long run.

Integrate load testing into your site development strategy

Load testing is most effective when it’s scheduled from the earliest stages of site development and is used not only to prepare for busy periods but also to develop more robust applications in the first place. Make sure you schedule it into the development timeline together with other mission critical processes.

Load testing as part of a CICD process

Test and re-test at every stage – smaller tests after every major build

Start with a baseline load test on the minimum viable product to help identify potential performance at the outset and to prevent problems becoming embedded.

Re-test after any new release – such as the integration of an API or a new feature – and following fixes to:

  • asses how changes introduced are performing
  • measure how changes have impacted the performance of existing components

While this may seem like a lot of testing, the implementation of a progressive series of smaller bite-sized tests will save time and money in the long run, as each stage is verified before moving to the next.

Make sure everything works in the real world – Real-world production testing

Even if you’ve religiously tested at each stage of development, transitioning from a staging environment to a live production environment is an important milestone. It’s wise to schedule a load test at this point as it’s essential to explore the impact of the new infrastructure on performance in a live environment. In our experience, it’s impossible to predict production performance solely based on load tests during staging. Any fixes implemented during this process will also need re-testing.

By performing a more in-depth load-testing analysis at this transition point, you’ll gain valuable insights about how robust your final stage is, knowing that everything else already works in the way it’s intended. Any fixes you implement as a result of this process will need re-testing in the same way, so you can be sure your customer experience is as smooth as possible.

thinkTRIBE provides a managed website load testing service precisely tailored to each client’s business and designed to maximise web performance. If you’d like more information about how taking a more realistic approach to load testing could help improve your customer experience, ebook here or read our case study.

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