think TRIBE: FAQs

How can we use SV-Monitor to optimise our CICD pipeline?

CICD has become the new Devops buzzword but is essentially an evolution of agile development. By monitoring in both staging and production environments, thinkTRIBE website performance monitoring can be used effectively to optimise the CICD pipeline, to improve the resilience of software releases.

A continuous process of development and deployment

Many of our clients’ web developers already take an agile approach to introducing new functionality, with code being written, integrated and tested in a cycle that’s as efficient as possible without taking unnecessary risks.

Getting it right before deployment

thinkTRIBE can monitor performance at any point in the release cycle so we can run journeys in staging or production environments. Some clients run duplicate journeys in both environments and then measure the impact of any changes by comparing the two sets of results. If a problem is flagged during staging/pre-production, a client can take the decision not to release until more refinements have been made.

Monitoring in this way during staging saves time and money in the long run by automatically highlighting any performance issues introduced as a result of development changes. This early identification enables fast solution at the time and saves larger, more expensive problems further along the process.

Find out how thinkTRIBE’s monitoring can help you maximise performance, contact us to find out more or to request a demo.

What next?

If you’d prefer to read a little more before you get in touch visit our monitoring service pages.