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How does thinkTRIBE’s website performance monitoring differ from Application Performance Monitoring?

A different approach

APM (Application Performance Management) solutions provide cloud-based, self-service monitoring and management of the performance and availability of software applications.

thinkTRIBE’s high touch synthetic monitoring service – SV-Monitor – can also be used to measure web performance but with significant advantages over APM’s self-service formula.

It manages complexity

SV-Monitor employs a realistic approach to performance monitoring following journeys across your site and making dynamic choices from page content as real users do. As a result it is capable of handling the challenges of more complex websites, with complicated business logic, numerous third party calls and highly interactive features. In contrast APM monitoring has only basic functionality and may struggle to realistically assess performance and pinpoint all the important issues that are impacting the user experience.

Realism for accuracy and better site coverage

For results you can trust you need realistic testing that walks in your customers’ shoes and is truly representative of your visitors’ behaviour. thinkTRIBE monitoring behaves as real customers do on your site; looking into page content and making dynamic choices at each step. This results more accurate data and more comprehensive coverage of your site. APM monitoring takes a more simplistic approach, resulting in data that could be misleading and overlook important performance issues impacting your visitors.

Delivering expert service

SV-Monitor is a high touch service. All journey scripts are written by an experienced tech team and pre-tested for accuracy. The synthetic monitoring returns actionable results that can be used to inform web strategy. The thinkTRIBE team keeps an eye on all client journeys and proactively investigates any issues flagged in order to provide more insight. We’ll always respond to your questions and will continue to provide help with setting up reports and locating data. Self-service APM monitoring requires that clients create their own scripts and offers no proactive support.

Client-centric approach

SV-Monitor examines performance from the end-user’s perspective, unpicking the problems that actually impact the customer experience and that may reduce conversions. Results can be shared across departments and with external suppliers. APM simply can’t match the sophistication and effectiveness of this unique approach.

Stay ahead of the curve

thinkTRIBE’s own in-house test engine and continuous process of technical advancement ensures that our monitoring solutions keep up with new demands and can be tailored to meet your needs. APM monitoring does not have the flexibility to meet bespoke requirements.

Find out how thinkTRIBE’s monitoring can help you maximise performance, contact us to find out more or to request a demo.

What next?

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