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What is a dynamic User Journey?

What are dynamic or intelligent User Journeys?

Dynamic User Journeys are the next evolution of this method of monitoring, they are sometimes called “automated mystery shopping”. In a dynamic user journey the monitoring script behaves just like a real user, making random selections at each stage of the journey, the better to replicate real user behaviour and test the performance of all aspects of the site.

For example, on an eCommerce site a dynamic user journey used to test the clothing purchase process might work as follows:

  • Enter at homepage
  • Select Department [mens, womens, childrens]
  • Womens Department is chosen at random
  • Select Sub Category [shoes, coats, hats. skirts, dresses, trousers]
  • Shoes is chosen at random
  • Select style at random [from all styles available]
  • Select size at random [from all sizes available]
  • Select colour at random [from all colour available]
  • Add to basket
  • Enter checkout process
  • Choose at random to “add additional offer item” shown [yes, no]
  • Select shipping type [free, express, normal]
  • Select payment type [paypal, credit card, shop account]
  • Credit card chosen
  • Enter card details
  • Confirm

The old method of “static journey monitoring” or “static URL monitoring” meant that only one choice was pre-specified for a journey. In monitoring terms this would mean that you might know that it is possible to buy “women’s, ballet pumps, size 5, red, using PayPal for express shipping” 100% of the time, but that is ALL it tells you. The rest of the site could be down and you not know.

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