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What is a managed monitoring service?

What is a managed monitoring service?

A “managed service” is the alternative to “self service”. Instead of paying a license fee and being left to get on with it, proactive help and personal support are in place for your team.

What are the benefits of a managed service?

Having a managed service is like adding extra specialist members to your team. It means that your internal staff can be freed up to concentrate on the important priorities. It means you can be confident that experts are keeping an eye on your systems for you, proactively informing you of any issues, fixing and managing certain things directly, and providing help, advice and deep analysis where needed for your own team.

A managed service provides the best support and service possible. through regular, dedicated communication, in depth understanding of both technical and business requirements and knowledge of relevant markets, business culture and industry trends.

Knowing all clients personally means they can be proactively provided with exactly the help, training and support they need and that development processes are all completely user-centric.

Is a managed service more expensive?

There is no definite answer to this. Many clients have found thinkTRIBE’s managed service both less expensive and better value for money than the competitor services they were using previously.

Clients certainly tell us that a managed service provides better ROI due to time saved, trouble shooting insight, and pre-emptive action to protect brand, sales and user experience.

Having an external, impartial, point of view on the data can also help discussion between departments and with suppliers.

What is Live Monitoring?

Instead of a simple automated alerting service, and in addition to your own personnel working on the portal, experienced account managers and technical support teams are watching your journeys and are ready to provide extensive investigation into root causes of issues, to recreate journeys manually to identify problems, and to provide appropriate documentation for the audience that requires the data including using screenshots, text based analysis and explanation and screen recorder replay footage as needed.

What does it mean in terms of day to day account management?

In a managed service Client Liaison teams ensure the smooth day-to-day running of your account, creating additional logins, managing order acknowledgement, creating work cases in ticket management system, incident reporting and configuration of the system settings for new and existing features to best meet individual needs, reducing time spent in admin.

Where there is the need for maintenance or a new site release the Client Liaison Manager will contact clients to discuss the best time for this to happen so as not to disrupt any vital client activity. Client Liaison Managers also work closely with clients who take part in beta tests and pilots and provide feedback or get support on pre-live access to development sites.

Why does thinkTRIBE offer a managed service?

“Doing What The Customer Does” is central to the Unique thinkTRIBE approach to monitoring and the close understanding the Client Liaison Team bring to this means we can help with all aspects from the definition of key user journeys, clarifying and refining any complexities, technical clashes or potential errors which may arise prior to go-live, through to deep dive analysis and consultative advice on performance as technology, strategy and user behaviour evolve.

What do customers say about the thinkTRIBE managed service?

“We rely heavily on your system and downtime means a loss in sales and damage to brand image for all our partners. Your support team consistently provide rapid reactive responses, as well as proactive support and have noticed issues before we have done ourselves.”
Joe Doherty Kitbag

“I’d worked withthinkTRIBE in the past when I looked after Tesco’s online performance and found their services to be highly effective. So when the renewal came up, I invited thinkTRIBE to show us what they could do. Our Service Delivery team rather liked it”
Chris Howell, Dixons

“It is important that all of our websites deliver an excellent customer experience. Our IT operations centre monitors over 40 user journeys across the websites and these are tested every few minutes. So with thinkTRIBE we have full confidence that if any site has a fault, we will know about it and can react immediately. thinkTRIBE is our first port of call when we release a new deployment or introduce a new app; we rely on them to ensure everything is working correctly for our customers.”
Matthew Briggs, Tesco

“The web is a significant income for our business and thinkTRIBE gives us peace of mind. They remove the manual process and leave us free to focus on other activities. thinkTRIBE upgrades the system regularly but there is little need to chase for anything – it’s an engine that works well and does an excellent job. thinkTRIBE is exceptionally pro-active, quick to respond to queries and issues; and the alerting is spot on and quick. I’d recommend them to anyone.”
Ken Foulis P&O

“thinkTRIBE staff proactively contacted us (not the other way round) when there were quirky issues and subtle and intermittent errors occurring, and helped us to determine the root cause and quickly rectify the issues before they had an opportunity to affect users, decide that the problems they’d spotted were not just quirks of the testing but real, and helped us to dig into our platform and find the root causes. thinkTRIBE displays a flexibility and level of attention to customer input that is not only refreshing but also belies their relatively small size, their flexibility was refreshing.”

“thinkTRIBE have also been fast to highlight potential performance issues as they come up. The in depth nature of their performance monitoring identified an issue early on, which we may have otherwise been unaware of. When thinkTRIBE first began monitoring, they noticed that 2 of the web servers were serving out of date content, specifically special offers.”
Head of IT Operations, Tesco

“It’s good to feel our needs are understood, and get a personal response, a human approach,not feel like you are part of a huge machine.”

“thinkTRIBE alerting continues to do a great job of alerting us to performance issues with one in particular last week which would ordinarily have gone unnoticed or at best resulted in a reactive response. We also value the proactive dialogue which really sets the service apart. Recently, Sarah notified us of an unusual error with the wrong style sheet being picked up and flagged as a warning and in response to our feedback adapted the script to treat as an error in future. The product and service are both excellent based on current experience so look forward to building on the relationship in the future.”
James Baird, Hoseasons

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