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What is synthetic monitoring?

Synthetic monitoring assesses digital performance on your website to provide valuable information on page load times and transaction volumes.

How does synthetic monitoring work?

Synthetic monitoring works by simulating a user’s interactions, in the form of a test script, with a real browser to replicate the actions of a typical user. Run at regular intervals, they can monitor performance over a period of time to deliver an accurate report of site availability and responsiveness

Are all monitoring solutions the same?

Not all synthetic monitoring solutions are created equal!

Self-serve APM (Application Performance Management) solutions provide cloud-based synthetic monitoring and management. Two basic sets of performance metrics are monitored: average response times (under a given load); and transaction volumes (recorded as transactions, requests or pages per second)

thinkTRIBE’s synthetic monitoring service offers testing from the real user perspective. Its realistic implementation is based on actual user data and is capable of handling the challenges of more complex websites, especially JavaScript-heavy sites, highly interactive sites and sites with AJAX.

Our realistic approach, interacting through a browser as an end-user would and experiencing the site as such allows you to identify crucial performance issues impacting your customers – and measuring real user experience every step of the way.

What are the advantages of thinkTRIBE’s synthetic monitoring solution?

thinkTRIBE’s fully managed synthetic monitoring solution examines performance from the end-user’s perspective, quickly revealing the problems that directly impact the UX. All journey scripts are written and maintained by an experienced tech team and pre-tested for accuracy. APM simply can’t match the accuracy, speed and effectiveness of this unique approach.

  • Allows you to measure UX every step of the way
  • Identifies problems with real-time metrics
  • Uncovers and pinpoints hidden errors

thinkTRIBE’s synthetic monitoring solution is invaluable if you need reliable answers to questions like:

  • How fast is my site right now?
  • Are customer transactions being processed smoothly?
  • Are my third-party services operating as expected?