think TRIBE: FAQs

What will I get from a thinkTRIBE Trial?

A thinkTRIBE trial is typically set up when an organisation wants to see their own data used by the thinkTRIBE Monitoring Suite in order to assess the results against their current method of monitoring, often ahead of a purchase decision.

The thinkTRIBE Dynamic User Journeys approach is unique in the realism it offers through “doing what the customer does”. The difference in the results achieved, and how meaningful and actionable they will be within your organisation, can be much better understood when using your own data.

What Data Is Used By A thinkTRIBE Trial?

In our experience a trial is much more meaningful when an organisation’s own live data is used. This enables trial users to really make sense of the reports and the value that they can deliver.

It will also give the teams with access to the trial data a good sense of the impact the data will have on their process and workflow and how they might use it day to day.

How Long Does A Trial Last?

A trial usually lasts for 2 weeks.

Before the trial begins you will receive a demo and a walk-through of the Monitor Portal by an account manager.

About halfway through the trial you will have another session (probably via WebEx) with the account manager to see how you are getting on, discuss the results you have found so far, and see if there is anything else you need.

We also welcome all feedback during the trial, and if there is functionality that you would like to see developed for the portal this can also be discussed.

What Do I Have To Do To Get A Trial Set Up?

Discuss your monitoring requirements, and any issues you may be having with your current set up, with a thinkTRIBE Account Manager who will help you decide on a few key Dynamic User Journeys on your site or app to use in the trial.

The Account Manager will then define the steps in the journey with you.

If your user journey requires a login to complete then you will need to create that for us.

How Long Does The Trial Take To Set Up?

Once your Dynamic User Journeys have been defined they will be scripted, tested and set up by thinkTRIBE. Typically this takes between 2 and 5 working days (depending on the technical complexity of your site and journeys).

Our Customer Liaison Manager will be in touch and will send you a “trial acknowledgement” email to confirm you are happy with the journeys we have created. Once we have confirmation your journeys monitoring will go live, you will have your walk-through session with the Account Manager and your login details will be sent.

Is It Necessary To Install Anything On Our Systems To Run A thinkTRIBE Trial?

No. Our monitoring is all external, and our monitoring portal can be accessed from anywhere via a browser. Our Dynamic Journey Engine “does exactly what the customer does” on the site and so there is no need to install anything locally.

Setting up the trial will not involve any extra work for your IT department at all.

What Kind Of User Journeys Can I Monitor During My thinkTRIBE Trial?

You can monitor website, mobile/tablet site or application journeys, as well as URL checks.

Most organisations monitor 2-3 different types of journey to get an idea of what is possible with thinkTRIBE Dynamic User Journey Monitoring.

Who Can Access The Trial Data?

A shared login (that can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users) is usually provided for trial accounts.

This login can be shared with anyone in your organisation who needs to review the service.

We recommend that multiple departments are given access to the trial as the thinkTRIBE monitoring suite provides information for:

  • Operations
  • Systems
  • Developers
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business Strategy

Most organisations find it useful to have representatives from different departments at the mid trial meeting to discuss results and raise any questions.

The “single point of truth” that thinkTRIBE provides through shared monitoring data is a common language that leads to much more effective collaboration between departments.

Is All Functionality Available To Trial Users?

Yes. Trial users have all functionality available to them, including the monitoring portal, alerting, and reports by email.

During the trial period you receive the full support of our Customer Liaison and Tech support teams as part of our Managed Service who will be happy to help you.

For the duration of the trial you will have access to our online Help Site and be invited to our free monthly online seminars for clients.

Does It Matter If I Am Currently Using Other Monitoring Software?

No. Our monitoring service is external and will not interfere with anything else you have installed on your site.

Many clients switched to using the SV-Monitoring Suite after running a side by side comparison with internal systems, or other 3rd party products, and reviewing the results.

What Should I Expect To Discover During A thinkTRIBE Monitoring Trial?

This very much depends on your site and the journeys you are measuring, but common issues discovered in the course of a trial are:

  • Previously undiscovered bottlenecks and slowdowns
  • Unreported errors (consistent, sporadic, or time or action dependent)
  • Coding issues
  • Product combinations that cause errors
  • Unbuyable products
  • Missing and broken content, media and images
  • Undiagnosed problems with 3rd party components or platforms
  • Host specific problems

Are There Any Examples Of What People Who Became Clients Discovered?

Many organisations have signed up with thinkTRIBE on the strength of one key discovery made during the course of a trial that had gone unreported/undiscovered by the monitoring system in use at that time that was losing large amounts of money, or adversely affecting user experience.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

A few examples are:

“Within a week of using thinkTRIBE, we had identified that a new ‘share it’ button on the pages that was a part of new marketing activity was adding an extra 30 seconds to load the page. Once discovered marketing and development worked together to find a better way to implement the function and get the results the business needed, and we regained those 30 seconds for the user.”
Chris Howell, Dixons

“The Dynamic User Journeys feature was a key factor in deciding to move to thinkTRIBE. Because of the very nature of our web site it was important that we were able to dynamically and randomly track our web pages and user journeys. Previously we were monitoring via static journeys – we had lots of problems we didn’t capture which resulted in hours or days of downtime in parts of our web sites.”
Joe Doherty, Kitbag

“Within a few hours of using thinkTRIBE’s unique journey tests, it immediately found an error. One particular search was defaulting to a flight rather than an accommodation which would be very annoying for a customer. thinkTRIBE found the fault very quickly and we fixed it immediately. Without thinkTRIBE, this error would never have been found.”
Sheetal Patel, Inghams Travel

“In our comparative tests of leading providers of monitoring services that we did then (and have run since) the consensus across various key users here involved in the product testing was that thinkTRIBE provided much better quality of data, much closer to a real user’s experience due to the dynamic journeys -and much richer technical drill down information for trouble shooting. This was proven in the last weeks of the evaluation, when thinkTRIBE identified sporadic errors that were impacting a percentage of users, which our existing supplier had failed to spot.”
Head Of Technology, Reed

If I Become A Client What Will Happen To My Trial Data?

Your trial data will be saved and still available.

If you continue to monitor the same journeys then the data will run seamlessly on from the trial start date.

If you choose to turn off those journeys and monitor something different you will be able to access the old journey data for the time period that it was live.

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What next?

If you’d prefer to read a little more before you get in touch visit our monitoring service pages.