Fast forward error resolution with Video Replayer

12th February 2020

When it comes to tackling web performance issues, time is of the essence. The longer it takes to diagnose, isolate and resolve glitches, the more likely it is that the user experience (UX) will be negatively impacted. That said, even the most experienced tech teams can find it tricky to pin down the precise source of a problem, especially where the website is complex or employs multiple third-party components.

This is where an effective troubleshooting tool – like Tribe’s award-nominated Video Replayer – can offer a significant advantage. Simply put, Video Replayer gives you the benefit of hindsight, enabling you to walk in your user’s footsteps and providing a step-by-step account of the moments running up to the point at which an error occurred. By reviewing actions from a customer’s perspective, web managers can not only gain a deeper insight into the user journey, but can also decide how best to assign technical resources, based on whether or not the problem is impacting the UX.

How does Video Replayer work?

  • Tribe’s Video Replayer records videos of user journeys through your website
  • It logs the entire journey, raising an alert in the monitoring panel when errors occur
  • User actions leading up to the alert can then be replayed during the diagnostics process
  • Tech teams can note precisely how the page loaded when the issue occurred
  • Isolating the source of performance problems is rendered simpler and more efficient

The ability to replay journeys makes it easier to analyse the root causes of performance issues, which, in turn, saves time and resources. It enables web managers to evaluate any potentially adverse impact on the customer and also provides objective data to inform cross-departmental discussions on how and where to make changes that will deliver the greatest – and most resource-conscious – benefits.

Keeping the customer satisfied

Consumers expect convenience each time they shop. Using Video Replayer to gain rapid insights into issues that are affecting the UX can give businesses the competitive edge, more closely aligning their capabilities with customer expectations to help improve online conversions and optimise profits. It’s a simple tool that can help customers enjoy a friction-free shopping experience, without piling extra pressure on the tech team.

Video Replayer comes as standard when you invest in thinkTRIBE’s innovative synthetic monitoring service. However, if you’d like to see just how powerful the performance management capabilities are for yourself, contact us for a full demonstration. Simply call on 01227 768276 or submit your details via the contact us form