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How can you be more realistic with your load testing?

16th June 2020

How many users can complete their various different kinds of user journey : per peak hour?

In the real world there will never be 10,000 users all following the exact same steps in order. All navigating to the same pair of trousers online and adding the same size and colour to the basket!

Real users do not all choose the same item, or take the same purchase path, or use the same features. You need to know how your site really handles the load of customers behaving the way that customers do, not customers all taking one idealised journey.

Our test engine differs from other approaches: in that, it was designed from the bottom up for realism: it does not simply ‘replay’ a fixed sequence of URLs and claim that is a ‘Journey’, but instead dynamically looks into the live page at each step to determine the link for the next page to follow, and allows choosing randomly from the options on the page: options available to the real users taking such a journey.

This means that the virtual users of the load test are able to behave, and interact with content, in the same way as real users; taking a much wider range of paths, finding different products to add to the basket: and so emulate stress conditions accurately when testing for stability. This method also enables technical teams to identify problems with systems that may only present themselves when certain combinations of options are selected

thinkTRIBE’s managed service approach means that we work extremely closely with clients to understand all their needs from testing, and what it is they are looking to discover or resolve.

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