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How can you protect peak revenue and have 24/7 visibility of customer experience all in one service?

20th July 2020

Peak Preparation

With a quarter of the UK population – 17.2million consumers – now pledging to now shop solely online, lockdown has caused a seismic shift towards Digital.

It is expected that the current retail environment will lead to digital engagement remaining sustained at unprecedented levels, resulting in the 2020 peak being higher than ever seen.

Given the increased focus on Digital, maximising every customer transaction will prove critical.

At thinkTRIBE we can help safeguard the capacity, stability and ongoing performance of your website ahead of peak. Giving you assurance ahead of peak trading.

Peak has never been more critical

Coming into this pivotal period, it is essential to understand:

  • What the capacity of your Digital channels – how many customers can you support and how many orders can you take.
  • How any changes to the site impact the capacity or stability of the platform.
  • What impact different traffic behaviour has on site performance, capacity, health and customer experience degradation.
  • At what point the site will start to experience performance degradation and, ultimately, fall over.

Peak package – Performance testing and 24/7 Monitoring

We are offering a fully managed peak ready performance package – to ensure your business can capitalise the golden quarter.

Our approach to testing is to create the most realistic test scenario possible to help identify bottlenecks and help analyse and understand results and make recommendations for resolutions.

Realistic end-to-end User Journey Monitoring – 24/7 Journey Monitoring throughout peak

  • thinkTRIBE will run 24/7 User Journeys to give you ongoing visibility of any customer-impacting issues. This will also help the digital and technical teams to measure and trend performance over time.
  • Monitor in Real Desktop and Mobile Browsers
  • When monitoring mobile or responsive sites, thinkTRIBE do so in a mobile or tablet specific browser, giving the client visibility of what users are seeing on an android or iOS device.

If you would like to find out how thinkTRIBE can help with your peak performance please get in touch.