How to get your departments working together towards one goal

26th October 2021

There’s a story in everything. There’s one behind your business, one behind each of your customers, and there’s one hidden in your website. Good stories involve a journey: in the steps you took to establish your business and position within the market, in the need that exists in your customers, and in the process that brings those customers to your website.

That’s not where the story ends, but it’s where it’s easiest to get lost in the details. No matter how well-established your online business might be, your optics are an essential part of your online business. Equally crucial is the ability to translate the data your site provider can give you into actionable results.

How customer experience analysis is key to your departments working together towards one goal | thinkTRIBE

It’s here that your internal business teams must thrive. They know your business and your customers, and to ensure that experience and expertise are best put to use, give them the support they need to excel.

Optimising your website performance to ensure an error-free customer experience is the first step towards establishing confidence in your brand and adding value to your online business. A Website Performance Audit can give you an understanding of your site’s performance and where you are weakest against your competition.

Once those technical boxes have been ticked it all comes down to the customer, and this is where understanding their story — their journey — becomes crucial. thinkTRIBE can give you a single point of truth and eliminate the guesswork, with its Customer Experience Optimisation giving you a clear picture of your customer’s online experience.

With so many departments involved — and invested — in the best possible online performance for your customers sometimes the communications channels become congested.

In fact, with so many people involved in your website, it’s easy for one launch or update to have a knock-on effect throughout the site. With live management of user journeys giving you continuous insight, all day every day, you have a speedy identification system that cuts straight to the issues you might be experiencing. It’s no longer a matter of the web team thinking marketing are at fault or marketing thinking the same about pricing: this approach offers little in the way of accountability, creates unnecessary tension in the workplace, and, crucially, it costs you time, money, and customer confidence.

So, eliminate it.

And with thinkTRIBE’s Mobile Synthetic Monitoring you’re covered on all platforms and can make the best decisions for your business.

You know your story best. You know your teams intimately, and you know the values you hold as a company. As a result, you know your journey and the journey you want to take with your customers together.

Let that unity flourish. Unite your tribes and create that story together.

– The thinkTRIBE Team