How to manage bots and improve site performance

15th March 2020

With product roadmaps evolving from learnings from 2020, we look at how tech can help with 2021 challenges.

We are joined by Matt from Netecea who specialise in bot management. Netacea provides a revolutionary bot management solution that protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from malicious attacks such as scraping, credential stuffing and account takeover. Last year saw some big product releases most notable being PS5 and Xbox and in turn attracted bots – Disguised amongst the barrage of traffic are bots, and most notably, scalper bots.

These malicious bots target merchandise that is in high demand or limited supply and snap it up faster than any human user can, before selling it on for a tidy profit. With over 50% of traffic made up of bots on eCommerce sites we look into how they can affect the performance of your site and how to mitigate against the risk.

  • What is bot traffic and what types of bots are there?
  • What do traffic profiles look like?
  • How much are bots costing businesses?
  • How do you manage bot traffic?