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Identifying the root causes of performance problems on your website

30th May 2022



Is your website experiencing performance problems? Are you losing customer sales due to prolonged loading times? Is your site displaying error messages from third parties? Are you aware that there is a problem, but finding the source of it seems to be an impossible task?

The root of these issues can be difficult to identify, especially if you are unable to see the ‘real time’ customer experience. You may have several different departments trying to collate their data to make sense of an issue, which can in many cases cause more confusion, as the primary problem can be lost within the ‘knock on’ effects of the original issue.

You may understand what your customers want and have developed in depth KPIs, but their journey within your site to reach that end goal and purchase, or if a problem occurs not purchase, is key to understanding your customer’s experience of when and how errors occur and how to fix them!



To really get to the root of your website’s performance problems, the best practice is to perform a full website performance audit, including load testing, as this indicates which areas of your website are slow (or no) loading, a key issue that causes customers to leave a website and search for their required product elsewhere.

It can be hard to replicate the many customer journeys that occur on your website, especially when so many customers are also accessing your site from their Android and iOS mobile devices. There’s also the ‘peak’ time testing, how does your website hold up when a high volume of customers are all on your site at the same time? These combined factors can produce bottlenecks and other issues that make your customers give up and move to another site.



It’s important when performing these tests, or asking a company that specialises in this area to carry out the tests, that the data is reported back in easy to understand language, that can be shared across all departments of your business to understand the issues thoroughly so you can fix problems before they damage reputation with your customers and ultimately lose you sales.

So if you have an online business and want to ensure your site is creating positive customer experiences, alongside profitable customer journeys, you can speak to us here at thinkTRIBE, to create and maintain the best version of your site across all platforms.