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iOS vs Android – make sure your site has peak performance on both!

30th June 2022

With 99% of the UK population owning a mobile device, it’s important to know that your site is mobile friendly throughout and able to perform its best at peak times.

So, make your site mobile friendly and you’re set right? Wrong! 

There are two big players in the mobile operating system world, iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). These two giants rule when it comes to online mobile users, and these users have high expectations when it comes to their customer experience.


The two systems are built differently and it’s these differences that can have a huge impact on your customer’s experience, retention and sales.

Now we’re not suggesting you delve into the software building of iOS and Android, but it is important to understand that there is a difference and you need to consider this when looking at your site’s customer experience. 


Common issues raised by mobile users that result in them leaving a site to find their product and purchase it on another are:

  • Buttons not working on certain pages of the site, such at ‘add to basket’ and ‘checkout’
  • Images overlapping or hiding content
  • Menus not navigating correctly
  • Slow or no loading pages


However, these issues may only be occurring on people accessing your site from one of the two mobile browsers…but how to know which one and what these issues are? It’s time to engage in mobile performance monitoring!


By continuously monitoring and testing both mobile browsers you can:

  • Base design and action decisions on realistic and accurate data
  • Detect which browser is experiencing issues impacting on your mobile customer’s experience
  • Follow the customer journey from start to finish – learn your mobile customer’s behaviour


Remember over 50% of online sales are made from a mobile device, neglect to make sure their customer experience is a good one, and those are lost customers, bad reviews and a loss of sales from your site.


To find out more about testing your site’s mobile performance (for iOS and Android), get in touch with us here at thinkTRIBE and get a realistic visibility of your customer’s mobile experience.