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Confidently prepare for your busiest times and new releases

To fully understand how your customers’ complex behaviour will impact your site at peak or following new releases, today’s websites require a more realistic and accurate approach to performance testing.

Our service uniquely creates a real world load model, based on a mixture of end-to-end user journeys. We script dynamic journeys that make choices from page content as real users would – exposing all bottlenecks and performance issues. Our User Journey Load testing is performed from the user’s perspective simulating an increasing number of concurrent users carrying out multi-page transactions.

thinkTribe’s approach to testing is to reflect as close to a real-life scenario as possible. This is done through building a realistic set of user journeys, often with complex bespoke weighting calculations, that are based on the latest site usage information.

The results possible with such a representative approach are much more precise than those achievable with traditional load testing.

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Greater accuracy through real world conditions

Testing a mixture of Dynamic User Journeys in line with expected load ratios

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Identify bottlenecks & root causes

Complex test sequences helping to uncover route causes that are otherwise difficult to find

Bridge the gap between Business & Technology teams

Hard facts about your website’s ability to support traffic and can be easily interpreted by all departments

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Quickly resolve problems with expert advice

Provide bespoke insights into root causes

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Tests a combination of journeys and models drop-off ratios

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Delivers an enhanced experience to your customers

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Ensure your site meets today’s demand

Our engineers deliver more than a set of numbers, they spend time understanding your needs and requirements beforehand and provide bespoke insights into root causes, adjusting the test plan as needed during testing, and ensure that your tech team will have actionable results

  • Journey scripting and traffic modelling by dedicated team of experienced test experts
  • Expansive website testing capacity often unobtainable with in-house self-servicing
  • thinkTribe investigate issues and redirect testing to help diagnose root causes
  • Cloud-based service means there’s no software to install and no associated disruption to your staff or systems


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Testing to the limits

We Load tests your website by performing tasks as real users would – rather than simply hitting isolated pages. We provide a number of test variations to replicate real world conditions including

  • Modelling “drop off ratios”
  • Testing a mixture of Dynamic User Journeys
  • Checking page content is as expected

Most online businesses experience a peak in traffic, be that sales led or general seasonality, and need to have a preparation plan for the big day. But why do some strategies simply not work as planned and cause lost sales and bad customer experiences?

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Together for better digital journeys

“We were impressed by how quickly thinkTribe grasped the technology and infrastructure of our website and put together the test scripts. Their User Journey approach tested typical routes that our end users would take to purchase online. This enabled us to replicate a rare user experience problem, and provided us with hard evidence which helped to pinpoint the cause of the problem, and to later confirm it had been fixed.”

National Savings & Investments plc
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What we found in the first pass of our testing is we had a limit on capacity. ThinkTribe helped identify what we needed to work on with our Systems Integrator. By putting those changes in place we actually we were able to double the amount of volume, through from a page transaction point of view – as well as the number of customers on our site at any one time. Dramatically helping our Black Friday sales.

Global Transformation & IT Director, FitFlop FitFlop

Consultancy was a key factor in us selecting to work with thinkTribe. Thanks to their experience, they had an in-depth understanding of our tech stack and how our supplier ecosystem operated, as well as how each tech partner integrated into our systems and each other’s.

This meant they could coordinate and brief each supplier on the exact requirements needed for all parties to comply, at the right times, with the testing procedures. Allowing the pre-test and test itself to run smoothly, allowing us to extract the most value and insight needed to enhance site performance.

CIO at The Gym Group The Gym Group

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