Get closer to your end user’s mobile experience with Network Emulation

22nd November 2016

Making mobile a priority

Each time a significant event – like Black Friday – occurs, the data that emerges provides a fresh insight into online trends. And the story that’s been developing strongly over the past twelve months is the creeping dominance of mobile.

As mobile becomes more influential, the risks of delivering a poor customer experience are more likely to impact profits. A recent survey by Google showed that although over half of all mobile site visits were abandoned if the page didn’t load within three seconds, three out of four mobile sites were still taking longer than ten seconds to load, with an average load time of nineteen seconds. Online businesses are facing an imperative to deliver a customer experience that is fully optimised for mobile use.

Mobile monitoring just got better

But even some of the big players are missing the mark when it comes to targeting mobile – and it’s resulting in lower conversion rates.

In order to accurately emulate the mobile customer’s experience, it’s crucial to walk in their shoes. Which means simulating 3G, 4G and wifi connectivity so that you can see exactly how performance feels for your end users over the ‘last mile’.

Tribe’s mobile performance monitoring solution now includes a ‘throttling’ feature – a network emulation tool that’s capable of simulating user experience on Android and iOS browsers, so you can get closer to your customer’s journey and identify performance issues that may be suppressing conversions.

A true picture of your site’s mobile experience

If you have an accurate picture of how your site feels for mobile users, you can identify, prioritise and improve the performance of mobile journeys, so ensuring consistent performance across networks and devices. And you can also measure the impact of infrastructure or app changes on journey delivery times.

It’s easy to see how this is a boon for marketing and ecommerce teams but it also empowers tech teams to gain a deeper understanding of customer experience and is an invaluable source of reliable performance data.

Find out more

If you’d like to understand more about how network emulation can improve performance monitoring, request a demo below. In the meantime, discover how slow mobile performance can affect your business’s bottom line or check out our mobile monitoring services.