Mobile first… and second, and third

31st August 2017

It’s official: global web traffic is now dominated by smartphones and other mobile devices, with the 57% of all online activity taking place on handheld devices showing a clear move away from desktop usage. Adopting a mobile-first approach to web development it thus no longer a choice – it’s a necessity.

The growth of mobile use has, of course, demanded that online businesses optimise their website platforms to deliver the best user experience for handheld devices. This means that load times have had to be slashed in order to avoid site abandonment, lost transactions, and growing bounce rates.

Finding a means of optimising performance across devices, operating systems, and browsers is vital, but so too is being able to develop platforms that operate effectively across 3G, 4G, and WiFi connectivity. To do so, network emulation represents one of the foremost means of testing your platform for peak performance.

Mobile monitoring from thinkTRIBE

To help support businesses get closer to the customer experience on mobile devices, thinkTRIBE mobile monitoring monitors real browser journeys and provides network emulation to simulate user experience across iOS and Android browsers, enabling you to identify where performance issues are compromising the usability of your site. Through realistic user journeys and extensive load testing, identifying real issues that affect your users ensures you will be able to refine and optimise quickly.

This innovative mobile monitoring also provides the chance to determine how load times differ across 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks, demonstrating where issues requiring immediate action can be found and helping you improve the experience effectively.

For tech teams, the benefits of network emulation and user testing are clear, but we will also prove integral to the work of your marketing departments, not least during peak periods – such as Black Friday and Christmas – when specific campaigns will be directing greater number of users to your platform.

Discover more about network emulation

Network emulation from thinkTRIBE will not only help deliver better user experience for your customers, but will also ensure you maximise the returns of your marketing campaigns and support online transactions to be completed effectively. Contact our team of mobile performance experts today on 01227 768276 to find out more about network emulation or to request your FREE demonstration.