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Mobile Performance Monitoring

Measuring performance, availability and consistency of journeys across your website as experienced by mobile users

Mobile Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring using the same iOS and Android browsers as your customers

Measure genuine mobile experience

Via real Android & iOS browsers running on genuine mobile software

Monitor realistic journeys

Making dynamic choices from page content as real users do

Video replay of errors

See what the customer saw when an error occurred

Speedy identification and resolution

Enable speedy identification and resolution of performance issues before they impact your customers

Increase conversion

Turn customers into brand advocates

Test connection speeds

Test 3G, 4G and wifi network connection speeds for an authentic snapshot of your site’s mobile performance

Mobile Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring on real iPhone and Android browsers get you closer to your customer’s real experience (CX), so you can find all issues impacting CX and make better business decisions.

User experience can vary widely between Android and iOS devices for the same website, so it’s important to monitor both platforms.

thinkTRIBE'S mobile web monitoring service emulates iPhone, and Android users making complete journeys across your site, giving uniquely realistic visibility of your mobile experience.

Identify every issue impacting your customers’ mobile experience

Browsing on mobile, Mobile Monitoring Services | thinkTRIBE
  • Base decisions on the most realistic, accurate data with monitoring that uses the exact same iOS/Android browser software that your customers do
  • Don’t miss issues that could be impacting your mobile customers
  • Follow end-to-end journeys making intelligent choices at every step
  • High touch service – live management of monitoring journeys as standard
Browsing on mobile, Mobile Monitoring Services | thinkTRIBE

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