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New Product Launch? Will your site survive the rush?

22nd June 2022

When a new product launch is on the table, we all know and follow our tried and tested tick list to make it a roaring success. The months running up to the release date are filled with strategic marketing, product testing and production and many, many team meetings ensuring all departments are ready for the surge of orders that are going to be pinging into the inbox.


But has your team thought through the effects all the above will have on your website? Having the amazing marketing campaign and all the products ready to be shipped is great preparation, but bringing all the customers to your site at one time can have a number of negative repercussions if your site is not prepared.


So what can go wrong with a new product launch?

Unfortunately if your site isn’t equipped to deal with the sudden surge in customers, it won’t only be your financial report taking a dip, it will be your company’s reputation too!

Worst case scenario, your site crashes. Your customers go to another retailer to buy the products they want and they’re no longer your customers! You’re left out of pocket and out of consumers.

So how do you stop it being a poor product launch?

Think customer experience. If you don’t see what your customers see, then you can’t make it a better customer experience. Knowing your site’s reactions to your customer’s journey allows you to rectify problems they encounter, before they encounter them.

Know your customers.

How do your customers visit your site? Tablet, mobile, app and desktop all provide different customer experiences. If you know how your customers are arriving, you can ensure their visit is enjoyable and prosperous for all involved.

Test, test and then test again.

Continuously testing your site’s capability is an absolute must to ensure your customers have the best experience and your product sells. You want those customers to become returning customers, leaving your site excellent reviews that then encourage a new wave of customers to shop with you.

Testing highlights imperfections on your site, and don’t be shocked when you find many, this is how we improve things.

Ensure the testing software you use or team you contract to perform the testing report their findings and work in a way your teams can interpret and act upon to make the required changes to make your site in peak performance condition.

Find the problems, fix the problems and have a site ready to smash that new product launch!

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