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New Website for Christmas Online Shopping?

09th November 2022

Make sure your website migration doesn’t put you on the naughty list!

Just in case you missed it or were trying to avoid it, Christmas preparations are well underway! Christmas advertising is on television, trees and other decorations are being erected on the high street, and soon, most purchases will come with a mince pie, a sprig of holly, and a coating of fake snow.

It’s common for website owners and managers to decorate their homepage with the aforementioned sprig of holly in November and wish their visitors a happy holiday. This graphic update can convince customers that Christmas is approaching and persuade them to buy more things.

But while a little festive sprinkling might put your customers in mind to buy, the upcoming holiday season is the time of year when your website must look as healthy behind the scenes as it does from the outside.

November through to January sees one unmissable online event after another. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and New Year Sales all bracket the most lucrative sales period for any online business – Christmas online shopping. The COVID-19 restrictions of previous years might be behind us, but the Christmas online shopping market is still predicted to grow by 2.5%, prompting concerns from business owners that any necessary website migration might not be optimised to take full advantage of the busy period.

You can overcome that fear with the aid of thinkTRIBE. Our completely managed Customer Journey Optimisation service designs dynamic user journeys, so instead of taking a predetermined route, our testing services will navigate your website just as a genuine customer would. Furthermore, the real-world load model created by our load testing service exposes all performance problems and bottlenecks. ThinkTRIBE flags any issues, offering your staff visibility into your migration process before errors can have a negative impact on your business.


ThinkTRIBE can assist you in monitoring your website’s migration journey to better protect your brand and maximise your Christmas online shopping.