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As you enhance the site with new features and integrations or upgrade the infrastructure, there is always a chance that even a small change can negatively affect the site’s performance.

At thinkTribe we can help your organisation maximise online sales and protect customer experience by offering a managed website monitoring and load testing service supported by a team of in-house engineers and specialists.

We actively look to identify root causes of problems that impact website users helping you protect sales – providing your customers with a great online experience.

We can help prepare your site for peak and critical times such are releases or platform migration, by making sure your site is optimized for maximum return on investment.

We do this by identifying any customer-impacting issues by behaving just like a real user would on your site. As customers interact with your web infrastructure is not by accessing a single page, a single server, or an isolated function, but by fluidly traveling through the site from page to page. This approach provides the fastest route to identifying and resolving all the critical performance issues impacting your customers.

How can we help:

  • Giving you insight on what to focus on and what to fix
  • Give you the confidence your site can stand up to peak traffic
  • Protect your most critical customer journeys

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