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Podcast: The Most Important Part of a Martech Stac‪k‬ with Customers who click

03rd March 2020

Pros and Cons of Tech Stacks

Pros: Great for those not wanting to involve their tech teams to implement small changes. Cons: The law of unintended consequences. You might be adding a better feature, or better search function or improving personalisation. But you can end up making the overall customer experience slower and error-prone. So as much as you want to solve a certain issue as quickly as possible, it’s always worth consulting with your tech department to ensure plugins aren’t clashing.

Myths and Misconceptions about Tech Stacks

It’s a bit of a controversial one but some plugins of Javascript have become the shiny objects in the marketing world. They all make it sound as if you wouldn’t be able to survive without XYZ (blockchain AI, for example) but the reality is, simple spreadsheet skills can replace yet another unnecessary plugin. That’s not to say don’t invest in AI tools but just to be conscious of whether or not you need it because if you don’t, it’ll create more problems than solutions in the long run.

Biggest Mistakes Brands Make with Tech Stacks

Poor communication – marketing teams don’t speak to tech teams often enough. Ideally, every campaign should be consulted BEFORE they’re live so that tech teams can ensure things go smoothly before it’s too late and the damage is done. Also, tech teams should be made aware of every plugin or widget you’re about to install so they can keep track of any updates you’re probably unaware of.

How to Better Qualify and Choose New Tech

Test early. Consider all benefits and drawbacks, compare and contrast all your top picks so that when you implement, there are no nasty surprises for you and your users. Make sure you test every new plugin on your staging site. It’s done by the tech team, but marketing often skips this step and assumes the plugin will work as it’s ‘reliable 3rd party tech’.

Upcoming Trends with Tech Stacks

Customer experience. Consumer behaviour will undoubtedly change again in the post COVID world but an excellent CX is what will give your brand an edge. One thing to be conscious of though is mindlessly copying what your competitors are doing to improve their CX – while you should, don’t let it become an obsession and implement what works for your brand.