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Getting your new release over the finish line

Release Acceptance Testing is the end stage of the testing process – the final Go/No-Go check performed in a staging environment in advance of a new release. There’s still plenty that can go awry at this point, so it makes sense to pay close attention as you navigate this last hurdle.

Why Release Acceptance Testing matters

Even when a website has successfully undergone a program of comprehensive testing, it’s crucial to make sure that the site looks and operates as expected from the end-user perspective before it goes live. Performing a final front-end test by running end-to-end journeys in a real browser ensures functionality and engenders confidence ahead of your release.

How thinkTribe can simplify and automate Release Acceptance Testing

thinkTribe’s Release Acceptance Testing service is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual testing and saving valuable tech-team time and resources. Our experts will provide a summary report with a detailed analysis of any issues found, so they can be targeted and resolved before release. Proactive support is always available to help tackle problems as they arise.

We can:

  • Use dynamic journeys to highlight glitches from user’s perspective
  • Ensure front-end functionality works as expected in a real-life scenario
  • Fully automate the Release Acceptance Testing process
  • Test on real browsers: iPhone, Android, Chrome and Firefox
  • Flag issues in an informative summary report

What next?

thinkTribe’s effective front-end Release Acceptance Testing service validates functionality and ensures nothing has been overlooked before you push your release to live. Discover how you can get the competitive edge by contacting our team today.

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Discover how you can get the competitive edge by contacting our team today.

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