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Overcoming the risks of replatforming

With escalating customer expectations and rapid changes in technology, sooner or later it’s inevitable that your online platform could fall short; and the business risks of replacing or upgrading are vast. Done right, replatforming can deliver significant competitive advantages and be instrumental in supporting the business through another major period of growth.

Testing is key to a smooth transition

The only way to know that your new site is ready to roll is via a scheduled programme of testing – load testing to ensure it can stand up to the rigours of real-world demand and performance testing to check the user experience is flawless. Testing can reduce the risk of loss of sales by identifying glitches or bottlenecks before they become customer facing.

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Monitor realistic journeys

Measuring journeys 24/7 making intelligent choices just like real users

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Enable speedy identification

Detect problems before they before customer impacting

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Test pre-production environment

Ensure that your development is as finely tuned as possible

How thinkTribe can smooth the way during your replatforming transition

We can help with testing the CX performance both pre and post going live and ensuring those new developments don’t impact your existing platform performance.

  • Uniquely realistic performance visibility from your end users’ perspective
  • Identify problems early in the development cycle
  • Proactive support with your migration
  • Fully managed performance testing and 24/7 monitoring
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Is your new platform up to capacity?

It was essential that everyone has confidence in the site’s ability to handle the expected increase in traffic without adversely impacting the customer experience going through a re-platform.

Load testing to ensure it can stand up to the rigours of real-world demand and performance testing to check the user experience is flawless.

  • Our expert testers can quickly identify issues and provide insights and solutions
  • thinkTribe provides a cloud-based, managed service precisely tailored to each client’s business and designed to optimise web performance
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How to maintain Customer Experience throughout your re-platforming project

We’ve put together an eBook to help you mitigate the risks, based on our experience over the last 15 years, working with the UK’s largest brands to reduce the risk and sustain user experience during re-platforming projects.

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Together for better digital journeys

“In our comparative tests of leading providers of monitoring services that we did then (and have run since) the consensus across various key users here involved in the product testing was that thinkTribe provided much better quality of data, much closer to a real users experience due to the dynamic journeys – and much richer technical drill down information for trouble shooting. This was proven in the last weeks of the evaluation, when thinkTribe identified sporadic errors that were impacting a percentage of users, which our existing supplier had failed to spot. We’re very much engineering and quality driven here – we don’t invest in products or services unless they will really help the business and provide ongoing quality.”


“Tribe’s in-depth User Journey approach highlighted a performance issue on one of our two resilient extranet systems. By reviewing the metrics produced by SV-Monitor we were able to identify immediately the location of the performance issue to a particular page on a particular server. This allowed us to focus our efforts and reduced the time to rectify the issue to a matter of hours.”

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