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Video replay errors to get to the root of website performance problems

03rd November 2016

Getting to the bottom of web performance problems can be tricky…

If you or your team are responsible for resolving web problems quickly and efficiently – as well as being tasked with making sure they don’t keep recurring – it can feel as if you’re working in the dark a lot of the time.

In our experience, tracking events back to the root cause so you can work out what went wrong – and why – can be time-consuming. Which is why we’ve developed the new video replayer feature for our synthetic monitoring service.


With video replayer, you can investigate root cause analysis in double-quick time by seeing and reviewing exactly what your customer experienced when an error occurred. Not only does this enable you to gain a deep insight into issues that may adversely impact the customer but you can gauge the gravity of the problem with a view to more effectively prioritising resources.

Empower your team with video replay for performance problems

Without a blow-by-blow account of the actions leading up to an error, it’s difficult to analyse the nature – and seriousness, which can result in time and resources spent resolving what may turn out to be a non-critical component.

Once you’ve received an alert you can go straight to the error details and replay a video of each step leading up to the error, including what the customer experienced and how the page loaded. And you can feedback information to colleagues with supporting footage.

An evolution of our popular static replayer screenshots, video replayer is the latest innovation arising from our agile development process – getting clients closer to the real user experience.


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