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Monitoring: What is involved in the set-up?

As part of our fully managed service our technical team do all of the scripting, part of the journey set-up involves IP...


How quickly can monitoring journeys be up and running?

Setting up new journeys takes 5 working days (depending on complexity) from when we have started scripting them. Once the journeys are...


User Journey Metrics

How do you measure the user journey? The most effective monitoring approach is one that replicates real journeys by real users as...


Maintaining Your CX In The Ever Changing World of Digital Transformation!

Deri Jones joins Segmentify to share his insights on how brands can maintain optimal CX in the ever-changing world of digital transformation


Measuring performance in a headless world with Amplience

Thom Armstrong Vice President of Solutions at Amplience interviews Alistair Morrison from thinkTribe on assuring performance in a headless world.


Talking Performance with Greenlight Digital

We are joined by Greenlight Digital to discuss how you can prepare you site for optimal performance in the lead up to...


Preparing for peak with Astound Commerce

As retailers double down on digital ahead of an almost fully-online Black Friday in lockdown, our very own Alistair Morrison sits down...


Talking Performance with Tacit Knowledge

Preparing for Peak


Peak trading demands just got more demanding

No one likes a smartypants who says, ‘I told you so,’ but, judging by the number of commercial web sites that stalled...

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