Website Performance Audit

Our comprehensive Site Audit will let you see exactly how your site is performing

Independent performance analysis to ensure your site is fully optimised for users

Prioritising web performance is no longer just an issue for your tech team.

By taking a company-wide approach to performance improvement, you can drive broader business benefits, optimising the user experience (UX), targeting higher search engine rankings and promoting opportunities for deeper long-term customer engagement.

You need to know where you are now, though, before you can scope out your next move. A website performance audit provides a clear picture of your site’s current state, flagging up its weaknesses and laying the groundwork for improvements. It’s an essential stage in the evolution of every website - let thinkTRIBE help you evolve successfully.

Fully comprehensive audit with actionable insights

We’ll undertake an analysis of your site’s performance, using realistic end-to-end journeys to review functionality, site health and speed, benchmarking these metrics against your competitors.

Our detailed report includes recommendations and actionable insights that are designed to deliver optimal performance gains, looking at:

  •   User experience
  •   Functionality
  •   Site health
  •   Website speed / Individual page speed
  •   Benchmark against competitors

With the benefit of reliable performance data, you’ll know precisely where to direct your efforts. A few simple changes are usually all it takes to drive more visits and to improve the UX, thanks to faster page-load times and fewer disruptions.

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