25th August 2010

Web site failures – expect the unexpected

As web performance testers, we regularly see subtle technical issues cause substantial failures in website user journeys -we expect the expected.

Whether in 24/7 monitoring, when our multi-user-journey approach routinely highlights that all areas of a web site may be functioning fine, apart from the one crucial  journey, maybe CheckOut: or Add to Basket.

Or if we’re running a web load test, it can sometimes result in a a whole site stalling: fortunately this normally happens only for brand new sites being load tested well before say a Christmas rush *.

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22nd July 2010

The Marketers new badge of success – the site crashed!

Interesting bit of marketing spin this week from Marie Claire magazine – who reckon that their latest recommended must-have beauty product was so much in demand that it crashed the web site!

Confidence in Boots takes a knock from that, doesn’t it? And today (3 days later) , the product is in stock.

Humm, kind of bad manners of them to tell tales on Boot’s website problems.

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30th June 2010

Online Retailing – cautious about the future?

“We won’t see retailers that don’t have transactional websites in 10 years time”

Internet Retailing Magazine write in The Key To Retail 2010.

10 years? Why so cautious?

Any day now – would be my take on that.

Of course, as other folk have recorded, despite market growth, the credit crunch is impacting retailers online.

So it’s clear that the online commercial environment is set to become far more competitive in the near future, and as a result the web customer is likely to have higher expectations regarding their online experience. Respectively we can expect to see an increase in so called ‘web rage’ as users display even lower tolerance levels with site errors and slow page delivery; when there are so many other websites a mouse-click away vying for their attention, and more than willing to take their business, customers are under no obligation to remain brand loyal.

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