Impact of Third Party Performance

07th August 2019

Third party services have become much more prevalent in recent years because they enable online retailers to incorporate critical core functionality like analytics or payment processing systems, as well as improving the user experience through personalisation.

However, ask any member of the Customer Liaison Team at thinkTRIBE and they’ll tell you that third-party services can also be a common point of failure for eCommerce operations. An interrupted service could result in a negative experience for an online visitor or it could simply lead to a data-collection ‘black spot’ that may impact valuable analytics.

A client recently experienced downtime on a third-party analytical tool that gathers the real-time data that helps to optimise, engage and convert online traffic. While not directly affecting the user experience, this service failure had the potential to leave a damaging hole in the company’s data resources. As a result of our continuous monitoring service, we were able to report promptly on the issue, allowing the tech team to resolve it before any significant data loss.

Paulina – Customer Laison Service Team Lead