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Tools for monitoring website performance – Smooth and efficient browsing for your customers

20th September 2022

The feedback every website owner wants to hear is that their customer’s journeys on their website are smooth, quick and conclude with the customer making a purchase, that’s the dream right? 

So what are the nightmares? What do we need to avoid to make our website’s performance be in tip top condition so our customers feel happy and content to browse, share and buy? What are the tools for monitoring website performance?

The far too long 3 seconds.

It’s a known fact that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, that user will open a new window, find a new site that loads quicker and continue on their journey, buying the product or services they came to your website for, from another.
Now, we know that 3 seconds in reality seems like such a short time, but in the ecommerce world of CX, that is 1 second far too long!

Sales killer glitches.

Another killer for your site is glitches. If a customer is using your site and they come across a button, drop down menu, or link that doesn’t work, for example it goes to the wrong page, you get an error code or absolutely nothing happens…you got it, that customer is disgruntled and gone!

Crash, crash, burn.

There’s nothing quite as efficient as sealing the deal of a no sale situation than a site that crashes. Whether that’s due to too many people on the site at once, or just a pathway confusion that’s landed your customer’s journey at a messy end, that wasn’t a sale, that’s another lost customer.

So how do we prevent our customer journeys coming to unproductive ends?

The only way to see what your customers see, is to use tools for monitoring website performance to test and monitor your site for all the issues mentioned above.

Running 24/7 customer journeys gives you ongoing visibility of those customer-impacting issues. This allows you to measure and trend performance over time. Customers don’t follow a strict path on their journey through your site, they might hop between all areas, creating a huge web, interlinking different pages and media in hundreds of different ways.

By dynamically following real customer journeys, your website’s performance can be measured and understood. Your site is aimed to sell products and services to customers, so it’s pretty vital that their journeys are the ones you recreate and monitor rather than testing statically with predetermined URLs.

Monitor what matters to maximise your customer’s experience with Synthetic Monitoring. Here at thinkTRIBE we offer a full set of tools for monitoring website performance to help ensure your website’s performance results in customer sales rather than customer disappearance.

Contact us today here at thinkTRIBE to see how we can help your website with dynamic, real time website performance monitoring.