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Top web performance blog topics of 2018

18th December 2018

Our top-read blog posts reveal the web performance topics, trends, and advice that you and your peers found the most interesting this year. We’ve summarised our most popular posts of 2018 so you can catch up on what you might have missed.

With topics ranging from APIs and Black Friday to Progressive Web Apps, we hope there’s something for everyone…

Amazon website crashes on its biggest shopping day of the year proving that even the king of scaling can get it wrong

On its’ biggest shopping day of the year Amazon’s website struggled to handle peak traffic. Proving that even the biggest players get it wrong sometimes. In this post we take a look at how Amazon got so badly caught out and why its’ servers were unable to handle the load.

Elevating online customer experience to safeguard fashion retail brands

The shift away from traditional channels presents a growing opportunity for online fashion retailers but with it comes increased expectations for elevated mobile, web and app user experience. Retailers face increasing challenges to ensure the user experience (UX) is carefully managed in order to safeguard brand values. We explore the unique and complex web  performance challenges faced by fashion retail brands and how you can minimise the risks.

Fashion website on tablet

Top issues most likely to spark Black Friday eCommerce errors

It’s not simply the out-and-out crashes that damage your brand during high profile peaks such as Black Friday. There are a whole host of errors that prevent your customers from completing transactions, harming brand loyalty and your bottom line. In this post we outline the most common Cyber Weekend error causes to watch out for.

Does managed web monitoring help with your ROI?

Given the importance of multi-channel customer experiences and with increased competition and high customer expectations, round the clock, objective visibility of your website’s performance and customer experience is critical. Synthetic monitoring provides an objective, consistent view of how your website is performing from your visitors’ perspective, giving you the confidence that users will not encounter problems on the live site. But exactly how do managed monitoring services maximise your ROI?

Will your ecommerce operation be in shape for Black Friday 2018?

With Black Friday just six months away we explored the changes you could expect for 2018’s peak shopping event, the implications for UK online retailers and the top three ways to reduce the performance risk.

The API revolution – Why APIs are so critical to UX & web performance

With the dominance of mobile usage, development of the IoT and apps connecting more diverse services, so user experience has become more reliant on the performance of multiple APIs. As interactions become more numerous, there are much greater opportunities for failure. We find APIs are often at the root of the most common performance and availability issues. Discover the most common factors impacting API performance so you know what to watch out for.

Digital twins: a new means of performance testing?

With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), in particular the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digital twin technology has evolved from its 2002 inception to a cost-effective means for businesses to create a virtual model of products, services, or even processes. Discover the potential benefits of digital twins and what the future could hold.

Progressive web apps – are they right for your business?

As we predicted back in January, Progressive Web Apps have become an important story this year. Combining the best features of both mobile and native web apps, PWAs are also part of Google’s strategy to help shape standards for enhanced mobile browsing. In this post we demystify PWAs explore how they improve user experience and help you determine whether they could be beneficial to your business.

Black Friday 2018 – today’s problems: lost sales, queues, CX errors, outages and mall shootings & BorderFree

Black Friday is now an established part of the calendar with online retailers preparing more thoroughly than in previous years. However there were still plenty of frustrated shoppers online this November. Find out how UK retailers fared over the Cyber weekend and why those less fortunate were hitting the headlines.

Six industry trends – and challenges – for 2018

In pole position, our most popular blog post features Deri Jones thinkTRIBE’s CEO sharing his thoughts on the challenges and trends that could impact web/app development and digital performance this year. Covering APIs, PWA development, AI and microservices architecture to name a few, discover how Deri’s 2018 web performance predictions panned out.

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