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We can help you gain visibility of customer-impacting issues

09th June 2022


The world of e-commerce continues to benefit from the post COVID-19 digital boom. While global lockdowns and restrictions were in place, customers turned to online solutions to meet their everyday needs, and there is no sign of that changing any time soon. In 2021 global e-commerce sales hit a record 4.9 trillion dollars. By 2025 it’s predicted we will see a further increase of 50%, totalling 7.4 trillion dollars.

The potential for businesses to expand their e-commerce sales continues to drive the marketplace, but with that growth comes increasingly high customer expectations. Whether operating an entirely online business platform or a hybrid of online and in-store offerings, the demand for a more personal, flexible user experience is only set to increase.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services are just one of the many new payment options customers are factoring into their decision-making process. These third-party components can add significant value, but managing them and the complex, dynamic, cross-platform systems necessary for digital cohesion can lead to bottlenecks or errors.

As businesses look to ramp up their digital offerings, it is more important than ever to gain visibility of these customer-impacting issues before they can adversely affect your business. Having complete visibility of your site’s performance from your customers’ viewpoint can help prevent disruption to the online user experience and ensure you’re maximising your e-commerce sales.

To gain visibility of customer-impacting issues, you first need to know what you don’t know. 24/7 dynamic monitoring lets you take the same journey through your website as your customers, providing real-time performance issue reports and analysing drop-off ratios with complex bespoke weighting calculations based on your latest site usage information. By replicating the experience your customers take, you’re essentially going behind the scenes to the nuts and bolts of your website, where you can address any issues at the root of the problem.

For many customers, your website will be the most significant point of contact they have with your company. Therefore, ensuring peak performance and site integrity is just as essential to maintaining confidence in your brand as it is to your bottom line. The closer you get to gaining visibility of issues before they impact your customer, the more likely you are to meet their expectations and deliver a quality of performance in keeping with your brand’s reputation.