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Monitoring your website’s web vital metrics

Google’s updated algorithm will include a new ranking factor – Page Experience – featuring the company’s flagship Core Web Vitals (CWV) performance metrics. Scoring well on these user-centric metrics is essential if you want your web pages to rank highly for user experience (UX).

Why page performance matters

We know that longer page load times negatively impact bounce rates – they don’t just frustrate customers but actively encourage them to switch sites. As perceived page load times are the primary focus of the Core Web Vitals metrics, fine-tuning your website to serve important content more quickly will rapidly improve your ranking.

Discover how your website performs against Google’s CWV metrics using our end to end customer journeys

How can we help you monitor your website’s Core Web Vitals?

thinkTribe 24/7 performance monitoring now supports Core Web Vitals. We understand the importance of keeping track of Web Performance metrics, we’re launching our beta version of the new Google Core Web Vital metrics allowing you to keep track of these metrics.

  • An industry benchmark to rank your Core Web Vitals against all of our customers
  • Independent viewpoint from a real users perspective
  • Metrics based upon all your end-end User Journeys
  • Track your metrics over time – highlighting trends on overall performance
  • 24/7 round-the-clock updates on your metrics and rankings whenever a User Journeys completes

How can I get started?

Any customer can access these metrics through our 24/7 performance monitoring – and see the data through our portal.

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