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Deliver the smooth, fast browsing experience your customer’s demand, 24 hours a day

Dynamic sites need Dynamic Monitoring

Running 24/7 User Journeys can give you ongoing visibility to customer-impacting issues allowing you to measure and trend performance over time.

Our User Journeys are Dynamic in their nature, so rather than following a fixed path they will move across your site exactly as a real customer would, making intelligent selections at each step of the journey – choosing a category, product, or search result at random. This approach will give far greater coverage across a smaller set of User Journeys and identify a greater number of potential bottlenecks and performance issues.

By dynamically following the real customer journey, the performance of the true customer experience can be measured and understood. Any transactional website is after all there to service and to sell to potential customers. So it makes more sense to monitor the performance as perceived by your Customers, by recreating what they do on your website rather than testing statically with predetermined URLs, the availability of your technology.

Monitoring your website’s web vital metrics

thinkTribe 24/7 performance monitoring now supports Core Web Vitals. We understand the importance of keeping track of Web Performance metrics, we’re launching our beta version of the new Google Core Web Vital metrics allowing you to keep track of these metrics.

  • An industry benchmark to rank these Core Web Vitals against all of our customers
  • Independent viewpoint from a real users perspective
  • Metrics based upon all your end-end User Journeys
  • Track your metrics over time – highlighting trends on overall performance
  • 24/7 round-the-clock updates on your metrics and rankings whenever a User Journeys completes
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Monitor realistic journeys

Measuring real user experience every step of the way

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High-touch service

Live management of monitoring journeys as standard; to verify issues and help troubleshoot

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Expert Scripting

No need to spend time writing scripts, a team of experts write and maintain scripts for you

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Share data across the business

Share customer-centric data that's easily understood across the business

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See what the customer sees

See what the customer saw when an error occurred with video replay of errors

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Third party performance

Ensure sure third-party solutions are operating as promised

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Monitor what matters to maximise your user experience with synthetic monitoring

  • Monitor and measure complex journey steps, replicating end to end customer journey
  • Don’t miss issues that could be impacting your mobile customers
  • Gain full visibility of your application’s performance to ensure
    positive user experience and increase conversion
  • Ensure all APIs functioning and available
  • Make sure third-party solutions are operating as promised
  • Monitor journeys that use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Use our realistic journeys to test your A/B testing



Intelligent website monitoring from your customers’ perspective

  • Fully managed service with a team of experts
  • Proactively flag performance issues and prioritize those that require immediate action
  • Provide an independent overview of your site’s performance
  • Track performance over time so you can build an accurate picture of performance
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Together for better digital journeys

We work with a very integrated IT stack these days, all our customer-facing frontends are connected to the same business stack and as a result, we use alerts from ThinkTribe to detect errors across the stack as they all are represented in some form on our customer-facing online journeys.

As a result, we use the data from ThinkTribe to identify exactly where the trigger of the issue lies and target that during troubleshooting and we have used it to discover defects and operational issues that would not otherwise be evident via user feedback or operational monitoring.

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“We get much more valuable information from thinkTribe’s monitoring service than I initially expected and we’re only just beginning to evaluate all of the features offered by the portal. In particular, we find the real-time summary charts on the portal invaluable for giving us a status overview of all our user journeys at a glance. We use the summary information for setting our business level KPIs and measuring against SLAs.”
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Now when we launch any new element on the site, we are monitoring its immediate impact on the customer. With thinkTribe User Journey monitoring, we can see instantly if there are any problems and ensure the site remains as easy to use as before.


“The web is a significant income for our business and thinkTribe gives us peace of mind. They remove the manual process and leave us free to focus on other activities. thinkTribe upgrades the system regularly but there is little need to chase for anything – it’s an engine that works well and does an excellent job. thinkTribe is exceptionally pro-active, quick to respond to queries and issues; and the alerting is spot on and quick. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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