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At Tribe we help you monitor digital performance and ensure continuous outstanding user experience with the added benefit of expert performance specialists to assist you – allowing you to free up your teams.

When businesses do not monitor website performance in the same way that users experience a site, system errors can go unnoticed directly impacting ROI. To truly understand your website performance, and which technical issues are most disruptive to your end users, it’s imperative to test from the customer’s perspective.

Our approach using synthetic user journey monitoring and expert human insight provides the most accurate and actionable data.

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Monitor realistic journeys

Measuring real user experience every step of the way

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Enable speedy identification

Get straight to the crucial performance issues impacting your customers

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Measure in real time

Measure in real time the availability and speed of your web provision at any stage in the release cycle

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Share data across the business

Share customer-centric data that's easily understood across the business

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See what the customer sees

See what the customer saw when an error occurred with video replay of errors

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Third party performance

Ensure sure third-party solutions are operating as promised

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Intelligent website monitoring from your customers’ perspective

  • Fully managed service with a team of experts
  • Proactively flag performance issues and prioritize those that require immediate action
  • Provide an independent overview of your site’s performance
  • Track performance over time so you can build an accurate picture of performance
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Maximise your user experience with synthetic monitoring

  • High touch 24/7 performance monitoring
  • Swift resolution of performance issues
  • Independent view of your sites performance
  • Bridge the gap between tech and business teams


Together for better digital journeys

“SciVisum’s in-depth User Journey approach highlighted a performance issue on one of our two resilient extranet systems. By reviewing the metrics produced by SV-Monitor we were able to identify immediately the location of the performance issue to a particular page on a particular server. This allowed us to focus our efforts and reduced the time to rectify the issue to a matter of hours.”

Citicus Limited

“We get much more valuable information from SciVisum’s monitoring service than I initially expected and we’re only just beginning to evaluate all of the features offered by the portal. In particular we find the real time summary charts on the portal invaluable for giving us a status overview of all our user journeys at a glance. We use the summary information for setting our business level KPIs and measuring against SLAs.”

“Testing formed an integral part of the introduction of our eBilling service and we were particularly impressed with SciVisum’s immediate comprehension of our requirements along with their ability to test our user journey routes and produce metrics that were relevant to both the commercial and technical teams.

“We were pleased, having selected SciVisum, to find their monitoring service to be a speedy, professionally delivered and cost effective solution. They also provided added value as a result of their previous testing experience with similar companies, helping us to implement major improvements very rapidly.”

Scottish & Southern Energy plc

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