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Synthetic monitoring employs a realistic approach to performance monitoring following journeys across your site and making dynamic choices from page content as real users do.

As a result, it is capable of handling the challenges of more complex websites, with complicated business logic, numerous third party calls and highly interactive features. Giving you the ability to realistically assess performance and pinpoint all the important issues that are impacting the user experience.

For results, you can trust you need realistic testing that walks in your customers’ shoes and is truly representative of your visitors’ behaviour. thinkTribe monitoring behaves as real customers do on your site; looking into page content and making dynamic choices at each step. This results in more accurate data and more comprehensive coverage of your site.

Benefits of synthetic monitoring

  • Quickly identify problems and pinpoint errors
  • Measure in real time the performance, availability and consistency of journeys across your website, as experienced by end-users
  • Gain an in-depth ‘live’ status of site performance
  • Valuable, customer-focussed data on which you can base future site improvements, measure customer experience and ROI
  • Monitor 3rd party performance
  • Test performance end-to-end across the entire journey to check all key functionality

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