What Amazon did to fine-tune their customer journey and how you can, too

21st March 2022

Amazon logo - How Amazon Fine-Tuned Their Customer Journey and How You Can, Too | thinkTRIBE

Love it or hate it; there’s no denying Amazon’s impact on the world.

When CEO Jeff Bezos steps down from his position at the end of 2022, he will be leaving the helm of a trillion-dollar organisation. From basement bookshop to global mega power, there are few arenas Amazon have not turned their attention to. When stacked up against the household name, it might seem far-fetched that your business and theirs could have anything in common.

Amazon positioning itself in the online retail market before the world started to make the transition from the high street might’ve been a calculated risk, but it paid off for two fundamental reasons: trust and laser focused customer experiences.

Amazon built its business by fostering trust within the consumer, and they maintain their position by delivering a level of customer experience that has set the bar for their competitors. When asking their customers to try something new and take a leap of faith, Amazon was able to deliver on that promise.

Amazon boxes - How Amazon Fine-Tuned Their Customer Journey and How You Can, Too | thinkTRIBE

Amazon consistently recognises that in retail we are in an age where the customer’s journey rules. Their expectations must be matched by their experience. Deliver an incredible customer journey and you’ll have a customer who wants to come back to you again and again. Fall short, and you stand to lose that customer before they have ever directly engaged with your product or service.

Here is where your business can have a lot in common with Amazon!

Your customer journey is about so much more than a quick sale. Going above and beyond is the bare minimum if you want to build a robust, sustainable business with customers who love what you do.

But what does a good customer journey even look like?

It’s not just web design and marketing. Everything from the first thing your customers see on your website down to the nuts and bolts of how that website runs feeds into the broader customer journey. thinkTRIBE can help you understand how everything works together, and can give you real-time, actionable insights on your site. They can show you what is working, where you can improve, and how you rank against your competitors by putting you in your customer’s shoes.

Whether you are just starting out or on your way to being a household name yourselves, fine-tuning your customer’s journey with thinkTRIBE can help you take that step from satisfactory to spectacular.